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A plague of Reality TV stars has descended upon the sleepy town of Mountain Lake ready to hunt down (and capture on camera) anything that looks even remotely like a cryptid - your crew is among them to cause drama, fake hoaxes, and enact sabotage beyond all reckoning.

The catch? You have only a passing familiarity with eldritch world of Showbiz, also you are all SPOOKY CRYPTIDS

Will you succeed in your chaotic endeavours or will you be lured into a life chasing the fleeting mirage of fame? - Play on to find out!

 Cryptid TV is a 3-5 player TTRPG where you play cryptids out to sabotage the dark designs of Reality TV

It is a hack of Honey Heist by Grant Howitt inspired by childhood memories of TV shows about river monsters and cryptids


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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I played this game tonight with friends and it was great! We ended up joining the film crew rather than sabotaging them, but the creativity of the players as well as the prompts that gave them the ability to tweak their own stats was a very welcome mechanic. I think that as much as the random tables helped, I would have loved a few more ideas of obstacles to throw at them but overall, an excellent concept.

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Neat! glad to hear you all had fun - and thank you for the comments - additional obstacle prompts does sound like a good idea