A Tally of Heretical and Non-Canonical Saints is a set of rollable tables for creating an odd or fantastical saint 

You can roll the tables included in the pdf booklet or use the saint generator to get the -

  • Saint Name & Title
  • Iconography and Patronage
  • Common Shrine Locations
  • Mortal Ends and First Miracles
  • Reasons for Non-Canonical Status

Have fun! :D

A Tally of Heretical Saints was written by Yanahn, and the Saint generator was created by Nakade, whose TTRPG work can be found at https://nakade.itch.io/

The saints were inspired by those mentioned in Ursula Vernon's Hidden Almanac and by readings of medieval hagiography. 

Generator code is from Donjon (https://donjon.bin.sh/code/random/)

Fancy fonts used include Zallman Caps (for the dropcaps) and Luminaria (for the swirly medieval manuscript energy) and Book Antiqua

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Non-Canonical Saints.pdf (rollable table book version) 191 kB

Install instructions

To use the generator, extract the files from the zip folder and open the HTML file. 

Thank you again for your interest in this and I hope it is fun. 


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“Incredibly Anti-Authoritarian” well I mean, you’re right


I got the same one!🤣


This is cool, and I really like the inclusion of "REASONS for non canonical status" thanks for making and sharing!

Thank you! Am really glad to hear that - and yea the non-canonical reasons are a fun bit - since there actually were some early modern or medieval pseudo-saints that were not canon (though probs for less weird reasons :D)