A Tally of Heretical and Non-Canonical Saints is a set of rollable tables for creating an odd or fantastical saint 

You can roll the tables included in the pdf booklet or use the saint generator to get the -

  • Saint Name & Title
  • Iconography and Patronage
  • Common Shrine Locations
  • Mortal Ends and First Miracles
  • Reasons for Non-Canonical Status

Have fun! :D

A Tally of Heretical Saints was written by Yanahn, and the Saint generator was created by Nakade, whose TTRPG work can be found at https://nakade.itch.io/

The saints were inspired by those mentioned in Ursula Vernon's Hidden Almanac and by readings of medieval hagiography. 

Generator code is from Donjon (https://donjon.bin.sh/code/random/)

Fancy fonts used include Zallman Caps (for the dropcaps) and Luminaria (for the swirly medieval manuscript energy) and Book Antiqua

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TagsFantasy, Generator, rollable-tables, worldbuilding

Install instructions

To use the generator, extract the files from the zip folder and open the HTML file. 

Thank you again for your interest in this and I hope it is fun. 


Non-Canonical Saints.pdf (rollable table book version) 191 kB


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“Incredibly Anti-Authoritarian” well I mean, you’re right

This is cool, and I really like the inclusion of "REASONS for non canonical status" thanks for making and sharing!

Thank you! Am really glad to hear that - and yea the non-canonical reasons are a fun bit - since there actually were some early modern or medieval pseudo-saints that were not canon (though probs for less weird reasons :D)